Student Body

Part of the Studienfachschaft (short SFS, student body) are all students of one subject. All those who are enrolled are also automatically part of the Studienfachschaft of their subject. To be able to differentiate between the students of a faculty (juristically: „Fachschaft“) and those of a subject („Fachschaft“ in the colloquial sense), the latter is called Studienstudschaft.

The Studienfachschaft at the South Asia Institute includes all students enrolled in the following subjects:

841 – BA, Mag and Prom. History of South Asia

845 – Mag and Prom. Classical Indology

846 – Mag and Prom. Modern Indology

851 – Mag and Prom. Political Science of South Asia

852 – BA and MA South Asian Studies

902 – BA and MA Cultural and Religious History
          South Asia

903 – BA and MA Modern Languages and Literatures South Asia

926 – MA Health and Society in South Asia

You all are part of a Studienfachschaft