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Hybrid Lecture (probably only in german) on 6.12.2022:

Racism with a rainbow coating – Anti-Muslim racism in the guise of queer friendliness.

In this lecture, Leyla Jagiella (religious scholar, ethnologist, Muslim) takes a look at the problem of homonationalism, i.e. how the pretended commitment to LGBTIAQ rights and queer-friendliness is instrumentalized in political discourses to underpin nationalist and right-wing political discourses.

This phenomenon reaches far into the center of society and significantly shapes the public perception of Muslims and LGBTIAQ people in Germany. Minorities are played off against each other, while intersectional approaches to the topic are lost.

In particular, people who are marked as both queer and Muslim are increasingly becoming victims of multiple discrimination through these discourses.

We will look at and analyze this phenomenon in the lecture, learn why these discourses are wrong, and look at constructive counter-strategies.

The lecture is organized by the Queerreferat of the Verfassten Studierendenschaft of Heidelberg University.

Time: 7 pm
Location: Lecture Hall 04a, first floor, Neue Universität, Grabengasse 3-5, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany.
For the link to participate online, please email queerreferat@stura.uni-heidelberg.de.

The Neue Universität and Lecture Hall 04a are wheelchair accessible. Further information on the accessibility of the building and the lecture hall can be found at heidelberg.huerdenlos.de: https://heidelberg.huerdenlos.de/index.php?id=980&tx_rsyshl_objektdisplay%5Bobjekt%5D=4263&tx_rsyshl_objektdisplay%5Baction%5D=show&tx_rsyshl_objektdisplay%5Bcontroller%5D=Objekt&cHash=ebf069cec5a5f82512707a9419d2c61d

Resuscitation classes

Free resuscitation classes for students will again be offered in December. In the courses of „First Aid For All“ medical students will teach you everything you need to know. A course lasts about two hours and is offered in English and German.

For our course on 07.12.2022 you can register here: 

This course will be in English


For the course on 19.12.2022 you can register here: 



Re-election for two FSR seat

Election announcement is only available in german.

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Dear Students,

the corona pandemic is a challenge for all of us. Many of you might loose their jobs or cannot be supported by their parents anymore in case they loose parts of their income due to corona. We do not want anybody to drop out of university due to financial reasons. That is why we want to remind you of the option to apply for a hardship scholarship. This is a special scholarship to prevent students in financial trouble from dropping out of university. Please send applications to haertefallkommission@stura.uni-heidelberg.de. Here you will find information on all the documents we need: https://www.stura.uni-heidelberg.de/angebote/info/hardship-scholarship/ (english). Currently applications can only be submitted via e-mail. This scholarship is an offer to all students in financial need including refugees and students from abroad.

Stay safe,

your Fachschaft

Graduation Completion grant for international students

The International Relations Office has limited fundingavailable for international students. The funding is intended to provide these students with financial support during the final phase of their studies, in order to prevent students from dropping out of their current course of study due to financial difficulties. This financial aid consists in monthly payments of approximately 300-400€ and is generally awarded for the lecture period of any given semester. Grants are awarded once per semester by a commission. Applicants have no legal claim to a grant of this kind. International students in the final phase of their studies may apply for funding if they are able to prove that they find themselves in unexpected, short-term financial difficulty through no fault of their own and cannot seek financial support from any other source and / or need to reduce their weekly working hours in order to focus on their degree.

Application deadline for Summer Semester 2021: Friday, 26 March 2021